One-Pan Crispy Spaghetti and Chicken Recipe (2024)

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Not sure I understand the bone in thighs, deboned. Can I just get boneless thighs with skin on?


Could you use a LeCreuset dutch oven instead of an oven-safe skillet?

Kevin Osinski

Seems like it might be easier to brown the chicken on both sides in step 2 and remove it before moving on to step 3. I can picture having a hard time stirring the onions with the tomato paste with a bunch of chicken thighs in the pan. Return the chicken to the pan after you've added the pasta in step 4.


I made this with bone-in thighs as the boneless thighs at my store did not have skin and the skin is important to making the chicken crispy and delicious. One thing I don’t understand is why he leaves the chicken in the pan while cooking the onion. The pan is way too crowded, so I removed the chicken after browning the thighs, just like you would in any braising recipe. After I added the pasta I put the thighs back in with the juices from the plate. Same cooking time in the oven; delicious.


For a vegetarian version you could substitute cauliflower for the chicken.


It's pretty rare to see boneless thighs in most grocery stores with the skin still on. Unless you have an accommodating butcher, usually you can only get bone-in skin-on or boneless skinless thighs (or any chicken parts for that matter).Thankfully it's not too hard to debone. Here's a helpful video:


The problem would be the browning under the broiler at the very end. The dutch oven would be so deep that the food in it wouldn't be near enough the flame.


This was delicious. However, I saw no reason to leave the chicken in the pan while browning the onions, garlic, tomato paste, etc. So I removed the thighs after browning, added the other ingredients, and then put the chicken on top of the pasta before popping the pan in the oven.


This was tasty and who doesn't like the simplicity of one-pan dishes?I pulled mine from the oven when the top was nicely browned, but the pasta below wasn't crispy. Still good, but if you're looking for crispiness, you might want to check after the broiling step, and if it's not to your liking, return it to the stove for a bit to crisp up the bottom.

Jim Siler

The fact that the spaghetti is broken into thirds may take most of the curse off of it. There is something special about spaghetti that is pan fried as here, or oven baked as in a spaghetti frittata. The ends and bends that catch the direct heat get crunchy and chewie, blending with the al dente smoothness in a way that I doubt would be replicated well with smaller or chunkier pasta.That said, if spaghetti is just a bridge too far, either of your alternatives should work.

AM in Dallas

Every week I try new recipes and often from NY Times . This one is one my husband begs for when he wants "comfort food". My 2 additions are 2-4 tablespoons additional water and a pinch of red pepper flakes added with the tomato paste.This is very tasty. I often don't have fresh bread crumbs, so I use panko crumbs, mix it with the parsley, thyme and grated lemon, then add some olive oil to moisten. Then I don't have to drizzle oil before broiling.Great leftovers for my lunch the next day.


This was absolutely amazing!I did not deboned the chicken and have no complaints.I also used grated Parmesan, fettuccine and seasoned bread crumbs ! Will make it again for sure.


Use lots of extra tomato paste and cumin. As much extra garlic as your heart desires, and of course extra parm. And, use panko instead of the fresh breadcrumbs: shelf-stable, available everywhere, and it amps up the crunch perfectly.


usually deboned thighs are also skinless.

Laura C.

I made this last night and i am making it again tonight because it was THAT yummy. However, the recipe is a little clumsy in my humble opinion. It's much smoother and easier to just sear both sides of chicken, remove from the pan, and continue with Step 3. Then add the chicken back in after the spaghetti in Step 4. I used skin-on, bone-in chicken thighs. I don't really think that matters. So delicious!


Ok. Just buy the chicken thighs with skin on and debone the chicken it is easy to do. You have to cook the chicken and then put it on a plate while you cook the onions. I use a little less water than they suggest. And I agree with the comment of returning it to the stove to crisp it up just a little bit more.


Really good! I just used bone in skin on chicken and didn't bother deboning. I added some better than bouillon with the boiling water. Next time I think I'd throw in some red pepper flakes as well for a bit of spice.


Definitely a great tasting dish! The notes here are important. Crisp and brown the chicken, then remove. Add more tomato paste than it asks for. I also add some chilis while browning onion and garlic. Also using chicken stock instead of water is a pretty nice sub.


I made this with skin-on BONE-IN thighs and left the bone. The recipe still turned out great and the thighs were above the necessary temp (actually got to 180F) following the recipe as written, and they were not dry. This is a fancy pasta bake for when I need the ease of a one pot meal but also something a little more special.


This was disappointing. I made the recipe according to the instructions, and it was rather bland and lacking in flavor. I think it could be improved but, while I thoroughly like dishes in which you have a lot of liquid and something like rice to absorb it, this recipe made me realize, once and for all, that I don’t like to cook pasta this way. The recipe is bland, lacking in a bit of brightness, and I will not make it again.


I am late to the party but this is delicious and so easy.

Kathy D

You would not be wrong to add a good chicken bouillon cube or liquid packet when you add the boiling water. Just watch the salt along the way. While the broiler is heating for a couple minutes you can put the pan on the stovetop to crisp the bottom. I used my Staub braising pan with glass lid. This is a fun and sumptuous recipe!


Adding chilli crisp to the tomato makes this just fabulous.


I just made this with the bone in and can I just say YUM! I will make this again and again! YUM!


I read about the comments below about the bland taste.. I'm thinking to replace the water by chicken stock to add more flavour. Would that work?


not as savory as I had hoped. More tomato paste and perhaps anchovy paste?

Henrietta Snodgrass

I always use skin on and bone in thighs on this as bone in adds flavor, so no reason to take that out. This is just an amazing recipe!


I made a bunch of changes but the concept still worked and was delicious! I will go from least egregious to most: swapped elbow macaroni for spaghetti, used Panko instead of regular bread crumbs and omitted lemon zest, added chopped greens at the part where you add pasta, used skinless thighs, swapped oyster sauce for the tomato paste. Just sharing in case you’re wondering “would this work…?l


Turned out wayyy too oily


After preparing this exactly as directed the first time, I have since made this several times with boneless, skinless chicken thighs. There is a good amount of texture without the added trouble of trying to keep the chicken skin crisp and the end result is less greasy.

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One-Pan Crispy Spaghetti and Chicken Recipe (2024)
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