Kendall Jenner Secretly Wears Her Best Outfits To Basketball Games (2024)

Kendall Jenner’s courtside outfits have returned. The NBA playoffs are in full swing and many stadiums are allowing fans to attend games in person. Jenner was recently spotted at several of them to support boyfriend Devin Booker (he plays for the Phoenix Suns) and her appearances served as a reminder why Jenner’s basketball game outfits are always on point. Not only does she show her support for specific players by wearing their jersey numbers — Booker previously posted an Instagram photo of the model sporting his jersey number — but she also has a certain style she strives for when she makes her courtside appearances.

In a past interview with Vogue, Jenner said, “At games, I want to look sleeker and cleaner. I like pulling my hair back. I like having a tiny little top on, whether it’s a turtleneck or just something small. Dressing more grungy and boyish is comfortable and I love to be comfortable.” Jenner’s outfits for basketball games are on the trendier side. She keeps it simple with basic pieces like a long-sleeve top or sneakers, but adds elevated twists through color and accessories. Ahead, TZR breaks down her most recent outfits at basketball games, and how you, too, can get Jenner’s looks with ease.

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Stand Out In Neon Pieces

Back in February 2019, Jenner sat courtside at the Denver Nuggets and Philadelphia 76ers game. The model opted for pops of neon lime green in her outfit, which made her game-day look standout. She wore a turtleneck top with abstract printed pants and burgundy Adidas sneakers that featured coordinating neon yellow soles. Though most people would shy away from rocking such tones, Jenner’s look proved you can add hints of neon throughout a look to make it wearable.

Dress Up Your Jeans With A Sheer Top

Jenner has worn every shade of brown, from caramel hues to dark chocolates. While on her way to a basketball game in Miami on June 3, 2020, the model styled a sheer brown shirt from Supriya Lele with her RE/DONE blue jeans and white sneakers. The only pop of color came from her orange shoulder bag. The outfit nailed the dressy-casual vibe.

Layering Is Key If You Get Cold Easily

The temperatures for indoor venues can fluctuate, which might leave you feeling overly hot or cold. If you do get cold easily, consider layering up for sporting events. Take a page out of Jenner’s style book by wearing a turtleneck top underneath your favorite vintage T-shirt. Jeans and boots will ensure you look put-together and comfortable.

Switch Up The Jeans & Tee Combo With Vinyl Pants

The next time you want to dress up a plain T-shirt, follow Jenner’s lead and go with vinyl pants or alternatively, leather bottoms. Jenner channeled modern-day Sandy from Grease vibes in her outfit. The pants were dressier than her previous denim pieces, especially when worn with transparent Yeezy heels, but it still felt appropriate for the outing. The style tip here is to rock your basics with unexpected statement items.

Add A Pop Of Color To Your Neutrals

In April 2021, Jenner was spotted leaving the Four Seasons Hotel in New York City to attend the Phoenix Suns and Nets basketball game. With a bright green cotton shirt left unbuttoned and worn over a white crop top, she highlighted how a pop of color looks great with black bottoms. Jenner loves to add in a little bit of color into her looks, whether that be through a shirt or a rainbow beaded necklace.

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Kendall Jenner Secretly Wears Her Best Outfits To Basketball Games (2024)


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