Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (2024)

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Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (1)

If you are looking for the must-have gifts for cheerleaders in your life, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s never easy to find a gift that will be well-received, loved, and useful for them, but it isn’t impossible. That is what this list of awesome cheerleading gifts are all about – to help you find a present that will direct your cheerleader’s celebratory cheers towards you.

To get surefire gifts that any cheerleader will cherish, the best thing to do is choose something that’s not only functional, but a premium product that they’re sure not to already own a better version of. This can be difficult if you don’t know them well, so we’ve also included a few cheerleading mementos and general-purpose fitness gifts that any cheerleader would be sure to love.

1. Cheer Travel Bag

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Cheerleading life can be hectic. If they are not going to the cheer camp, they are going to travel with the school team for a game. Even during normal school days, there's still going to be cheer practice as well. Naturally, they want to have all their essentials handy and ready to go.

If you are looking for fancy yet very practical gifts for cheerleaders, then you might want to get them a cool sheer travel bag full of cheer spirit. It's the perfect travel bag to have while on the road for a game or for a cheer camp. This travel bag will be perfect for bringing during their cheer practice too. They can easily and comfortably fit all their cheerleader gears inside this bag, so they don't forget anything.

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2. Energy Snacks

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Cheerleading can take so much of their time as well as their effort. It’s not an easy sport, to say the least. Practicing those routines and perfecting them can be taxing for every cheerleader. They have to have the energy to last a day of cheer practice. And especially when they are going to cheer camp, they need lots of energy as well.

Make sure that they have something available to give them strength and energy. Gift them this energy snacks full of carbohydrates and protein as well as fiber. With a healthy snack on hand, you can make sure they have sustained energy to last the day.

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3. 299-Piece First Aid Kit

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (4)

Cheerleading is not easy. It’s a sport, after all. They are going to do various kinds of routines, one more dangerous than the others. There’s going to be flipping and flying in the air, rolls and tumbles, and all sorts of things. During normal cheer practice, and especially if they are in cheer camp, their routines can leave them with various injuries from scratches and bruises to sprains and more.

Make sure that whenever these accidents happen, they are well and ready with the big guns by getting them this 299-Piece first aid kit. It's a must-have for every cheerleader's bag wherever they go. It comes with various kinds of things like Band-Aids, gauze, instant cold packs, emergency splints, and more.

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4. Athletic Clothing

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Cheerleaders make the most out of their bodies when doing their routines. And to do it right, they have to be comfortable and can freely move to what is required of them. To match their flexibility, they need to have the proper gear when doing their thing.

If you are looking for fancy and also the most functional gifts for cheerleaders, then you might want to consider getting them some quality athletic clothing. Having flexible and comfortable athletic gear will help them become set for success. It's quick-dry and has sweat-wicking feature, which is both perfect for the active routines at cheer camp.

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5. Mini Hair Straightener

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (6)

The cheerleading gears are ready. They have perfected their routines for the competition. What else should they prepare for? Perhaps, they want to make a huge blast during their cheer performance, and that might involve some crazy hairstyles to complete their fancy uniforms.

If you are looking for awesome gifts for cheerleaders, something that will be handy during the preparation for their cheer competition, then you might want to get this mini hair straightener for them. It can be a very handy styling tool for cheerleader. Plus, it’s perfectly sized to be handy and to fit in the small compartment of their bags.

They can use it to create various hairstyles. It can perfect high ponytails or even curls.

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6. Portable Phone Charger

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (7)

When they are at cheer camp or when traveling for a game, it can be a little hard to find the time or a place to charge their phones and other devices they brought with them. Even at the camp, they are staying or in the gym where there are available outlets, and girls mostly charge their phones at the same time. Wouldn't it be more convenient if they have their way to power up their devices whenever and wherever they are?

If you are looking for useful gifts for cheerleaders, especially when they are away, a quality portable phone charger will be a great option. Now, they wouldn’t have to sit wherever they can find an outlet to charge their phone. They don’t even have to complain about a dead battery anymore.

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7. Compact Mirror

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When preparing for a cheer competition, they have to double-check everything. Are their uniforms aligned? Are their makeup and hairstyles perfect as it could be?

While everyone else is hogging the mirror in the bathroom to check themselves, you can gift them this compact mirror to bring wherever they go. Now, they don't have to wait their turn along with other girls. This compact mirror will be very handy when they have to check if their makeup hasn't smudged yet before they go onstage. Plus, this is not the typical mirror you can find in the store. It has lights, which is even more ideal for doing their makeup perfectly. Even in dim lockers, they can easily check what needs to be checked.

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8. Earplugs and Sleeping Mask

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Cheer camp can be very hectic. There’s a lot of girls in one room, and relaxing can be hard to do. Sleeping at night might even prove to be difficult to impossible. If that is the case, then having a handy kit that will help them get a good night sleep is a must-have in their cheer travel bag. Gift them these earplugs and sleeping mask kit, so they can rest despite the endless chatter and laughter in the room.

If they want to rest while riding on the school bus to a game, this kit will also be very useful. This duo will make getting a shuteye easier and convenient for them. Despite the chatter and bright lights in the background, they will have a sound sleep they need.

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9. Seamless Athletic/Leisure Clothes

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It’s easy to change from one outfit to another when you have an endless supply of comfy and stylish clothing in your closet. But for cheerleaders going to cheer camp or constantly on the road to a game, packing can often be difficult. They need both the cheerleading basics like appropriate workout clothes as well as comfy and stylish ones for when they are just hanging out with friends after practice.

If you are looking for must-have gifts for cheerleaders going for cheer camp or a game, this seamless athletic/leisure clothes will make packing more convenient. These clothes are perfect for workout sessions and practice, as well as going out with the team on their free nights. They are comfortable, soft, super cute, and stylish.

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10. Water Bottle

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (11)

Cheer practice can be very taxing. Especially when they are going to camp, they are going to be in for a rigorous cheer training. And with their active lifestyle, it is important for cheerleaders to stay hydrated at all times.

Especially when they have to exert themselves day in and day out during cheer camp, it is very crucial to have a handy bottle of water to avoid dehydration. If you are looking for simple but extremely useful gifts for cheerleaders, this water bottle will be great. It’s reusable, so they can just refill it whenever necessary. Plus, the spout of this water bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated while on the go.

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11. Face Masks

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (13)

There are a lot of ways they can unwind after a hectic day of cheer practice, and one of the best ways is doing something fun and enjoyable with the whole team. After rigorous training, wouldn't it be awesome if they can spend a night full of pampering and relaxation? Give them the perfect way to end a busy cheerleading day with these face masks.

They will never feel more pampered than when using these face masks during bedtime. It comes in various shapes and sizes as well as some adorable styles for a fun night with the girls. Face masks make a sweet and relaxing activity for the girls. It's also great for making sure they wake up refreshed the next day and ready to take on whatever cheer routines they have to do.

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12. No Dent Hair Ties

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (14)

Whether they are doing their normal cheer practice or away cheering during a game, they would want to keep their hairs intact and away from their faces. But, it pays to be able to have that flexibility of changing hairstyles within the day when necessary.

If you are looking for must-have gifts for cheerleaders, something that they never should go without, these no dent hair ties will be perfect for them. Even after putting their hair in a high ponytail for the practice, there will be no trace of that at the end of the day with these awesome hair ties. It's perfect for keeping that ponytail intact too since these hair ties are strong enough to hold the hair throughout the routines.

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13. Duffel Bag

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (15)

When they are always on the road to a game, it is crucial to have a trusted bag they can carry and ring wherever they go, something that will never give up on them during their busy schedules. Plus, if they are going to cheer camp, a good-sized bag will be perfect for bringing with them.

If you are looking for one of the most useful gifts for cheerleaders, this quality duffer bag is a great choice. They can fit all their essentials in her from athletic shoes, their workout gear and uniform plus a couple of snacks, so they don't go hungry.

The bag is also high-quality and extremely durable. It's water and rip-resistant, which is a perfect fit for the active lifestyle of cheerleaders.

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14. Disposable Camera

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (16)

Especially if they are going to cheer camp, or a new place for a game or a competition, aside from cheerleading, one of the best things they can bring back home with them are the memories during those trips.

If they always wanted to keep a few memories they can cherish for all the years from all the places they've been or the people they were able to meet, and this disposable camera is a must-have when they are going for a trip. It's the perfect device to bring with them so they can capture priceless memories. And while they might already have mobile phones with them, having a disposable camera means it's easier to print those photos for their album later on.

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15. Makeup Removing Wipes

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They might need to need makeup for their cheer competition. And during practice days, they will be sweating themselves up under the sun. At the end of the day, whether it's after a competition or daily run-through of their routines, nothing beats feeling fresh when all the makeup and sweat has been wiped out of their faces.

Help keep them feeling fresh after practice with these makeup removing wipes. It's something that cheerleaders should never go without. Plus, it's a lot better than other wet wipes that aren't ideal for the face. These wipes won't leave their faces tingling and damaged. It's all-natural and with exfoliating properties. If they are too tired to go to the bathroom to wash their faces, these wipes will do just fine.

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16. Cheer Cinch Bag

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (18)

Whether they are traveling for a game or going to cheer camp, packing can be real work. They have lots of things to organize, so they don't forget anything. Help them pack their cheer bags perfectly with some cheer cinch bags. It's the perfect way to organize the things they have to ring with them during the trip. It also makes for perfect storage for their shoes, another for their uniform, and one more for their toiletries.

These are simple packs, but something that cheerleaders will use without a doubt. Plus, it can also be used as a backpack.

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17. On-the-Go Stain Removers

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (19)

There are endless accidents that can happen in the active life of cheerleaders. Whether it's a smudged lipstick in their uniforms, spilled cola or energy drink, or a smudged paint from the freshly painted locker, they have to be ready when these things happen.

Make sure that their game day will never be ruined with any stain by gifting them these on-the-go stain removers. For cheerleaders who are all over the place or the court or field, this stain removers are a must-have. It's the perfect way to quickly fix whatever stain-related mishap they might face, whether it's big or a small one.

Now, there’s no need to cry over their ruined outfit after eating French fries dipped in ketchup when they can wipe the stain off without any hassle.

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18. Cheer Bracelet

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (20)

A cheerleaders' life can be super active. Their days are mostly all about cheer practice and perfecting their routines. And when they do most of their routines, with one more intricate than the others, wearing fancy pieces of jewelry can be somewhat not ideal. No one wants to go flying in the air, but get their necklace stuck in someone's fingers when they land.

But, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Casual, simple, and understated pieces of jewelry like this cheer bracelet would be perfect for them to wear. Plus, the cute charm might just what they need for some extra cheer spirit.



19. Deck of Cards

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (21)

Just because the life of cheerleaders are workouts and cheer practice doesn't mean they don't have some downtime. They need to relax too. And when they are in cheer camp with some free time to spare, having this deck of cards handy will make sure they have some fun with the whole team. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, in a dorm room or out in the bonfire, a game of cards will never get old and less exciting.



20. Shower Shoes or Sandals

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (22)

When they go to cheer camp, no matter how careful they were in packing their essentials, nothing beats staying at home when they have everything they need when they need it. Living in the camp means they have to make do with what they brought with them and the available living space there is.

Make sure that they are perfectly comfortable especially when showering in the camp bathrooms that a lot of other sweaty cheerleaders have been in. Gift them shower shoes or sandals to avoid any unnecessary issues and to protect them from bacteria that might be present in such a public space.

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21. Cheer Socks

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (24)

If you are looking for simple but very practical gifts for cheerleader, something that they will use, especially during their workouts and cheer practice, then get them these cheer socks. Having quality, soft, and comfy socks is a game-changer any time of the day. They need to have some quality socks while they practice. And if their feet easily get cold, warm socks will keep them comfortable. Plus, these pair of socks comes with the cheer spirit that every cheerleader would love to have to complete their gear and uniform.

You will never go wrong with gifting them cheer-themed presents.



22. Glitter Cosmetics

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (25)

Aside from their intricate and death-defying routines, cheerleaders would also want to stand out in all ways possible. Perhaps, that means having some crazy impressive and eye-catching makeup.

Make sure they stand out wherever they go, especially when they have a cheer competition, by gifting them this cool glitter cosmetics. With some sparkly dust in their faces, they will stand out from the crowd without any doubt. Plus, makeups from lipstick, eyeshadow, and even nail polish are surefire gifts for fancy girls like cheerleaders.

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23. Cheer Bows

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (26)

When cheerleaders and practicing their routines, the best hairstyle for every one of them is anything that keeps their hair from whipping all over the place, especially their faces. That would be annoying. That is why if there is one thing they should always have, it's hair ties. And you know how small hair ties can easily get lost in a gym bag full of their cheerleading gears, so they have to have them in load.

Gift them these cheer bows, so they have something to keep their hair intact while staying stylish at the same time. It comes in various designs and colors too, so they can play a matching game with their outfits.

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24. Flexibility Stunt Stand

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (27)

Cheerleading is a sport, and like any other sport, it has a lot of skills to practice and perfect. If you are looking for awesome gifts for cheerleaders who are looking for ways to improve their skills and cheerleading performance, especially in their routines, then you might want to consider getting them this flexibility stunt stand. If they are doing such intricate routines for the competition, they have to level up their flexibility, and this device will help them with that. It's a challenging platform they can use at home to encourage them to keep their body tight.

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25. Cheer Balance Trainer

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (28)

There are a lot of ways cheerleaders can practice their skills, especially their balance and flexibility, which are both important in perfecting some impressive routines. But if they want more than old bricks and paint cans to practice with, then this cheer balance trainer might just be what they need to spice up their cheerleading game.

Especially if they are flyers in the team, this trainer will help them practice balancing using only one of their legs, but in a much safer distance from the ground. If they are setting up a practice room at home, this balance trainer will make a perfect addition to the equipment they already have.

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26. Fly Right Balancing Trainer

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (29)

What makes an excellent routine in cheerleading are those flying acts that defy gravity. And to be one of the best in that area, cheerleaders have to practice and perfect their craft. Help them achieve their goals and be the best that they can be in terms of skills by gifting their a trainer device they can use during their practice like this Fly Right balancing trainer.

It’s a cool balancing machine that can give them a life-like experience of what it feels like to be up in the air. Plus, the trainer comes with adjustable height features, so they can customize it to what is comfortable and safe for them.

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27. Kinetic Bands

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (30)

Cheerleaders constantly have to practice and improve their skills, and that includes their jumps. Help them practice and improve even when they are inside the house by gifting them this simple but extremely useful kinetic bands. This bands can add resistance to their legs during practice, which will make their workouts harder. However, once they take these bands off, it will be much easier for them to jump higher.

These kinetic bands are excellent tools for strengthening their hips and legs, which is crucial in their height and accuracy during stunts and jumps.

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28. Stretch Rope

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (31)

Cheerleaders have to be flexible. With the intricate and awe-inspiring forms and routines they have to master, their bodies and forms must be ready to do the work. For cheerleaders looking for trainers to help improve their flexibility in no time, this stretch rope will make an awesome gift for them.

Just attach this stretch rope in the door or anywhere high and stable, and they can easily do their stretches themselves. And while it is easy to set up and use, this stretch rope does come with an instruction manual to help them set it up effortlessly and with maximum comfort on their foot.



29. Tumbling Mat

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (32)

While practicing those leaps and tumbles is great, it is crucial to keep themselves safe during practice. If they want to set up a practice space in the house, then you might want to get them this tumbling mat as a start. It’s a must-have for cheerleading training at home. The mat is covered with coated vinyl, which makes it extremely durable. And with the top-notch quality foam material used for the mat, it’s extremely well-padded and soft for practice. It’s perfect for every athlete trying to take some time training at home.

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30. Ankle Weights

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (33)

It's always amazing to look at cheerleaders who can jump so high in the air. It never ceases to amaze the audience. They can be the best flyer in their team too with enough practice and the right tool to help them. If they want to soar much higher, then you might want to consider getting them this awesome ankle weights. It's a must-have for home workouts for cheerleaders. It's safe and fully adjustable with the large Velcro pad.

And while it gives their workout more resistance, these ankle weights are designed with durability and comfort in mind with its neoprene padding and reinforced stitching.

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31. Toiletry Bag

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (35)

When they have to go on a trip to a game, a cheer competition, or a cheer camp for the weekend, they need to pack the essentials and make sure they don’t forget anything important. Make packing for a trip easy as a breeze for cheerleaders by gifting them the perfect pouch to hold their toiletries like this cute toiletry bag. It has enough compartments to hold everything they need for proper hygiene. Plus, the quality of the toiletry bag is excellent with its high-density fabric and a padded inner part. They can make sure all their essentials are safe and secure inside this bag.



32. Cheer Hair Ties

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (36)

You know how it can be annoying when your hair gets in the way of your face when you are busy doing something that needs your 100% focus and concentration. The same thing applies to cheerleaders when at practice and doing their routines. That is why it is important always to have a handy hair tie to keep their manes intact. Make sure that they never go without by gifting them a couple of cheer hair ties. It's a colorful accessory that makes cheer practice more convenient for them.



33. Sunscreen

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (37)

Cheer practice can take a lot of their energy. Add the heat of the sun to the already rigorous training they do, that’s already too much to take in. So, make sure that they are protected when they have to do their routines in the football field. Gift them a supply of sunscreen, and they will thank you for this present that can help them protect their skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Especially during days that the sun seems to be harsher than usual, a bottle of sunscreen is a must-have for a cheerleader’s backpack. This sunscreen is also water and sweat-resistant, so you can be sure they are always protected no matter how drenched they become during training.

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34. Bug Spray

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (38)

When they go to cheer camp, while it might be an excellent experience and training for all cheerleaders, they lose the comfort they are used to having when they were living at home. Living in such places like camps sometimes mean living with bugs all around and ready to prowl. Make sure they are healthy and well-protected by gifting them a bottle of bug spray. You never know what lurks in the darkness of those camps. It pays to be ready whatever battle they have to face, whether it’s a cheer competition or a battle with insects.

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35. Cheer Personalized Decal

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (39)

From the bedspread to their pillows, cheerleaders would want it all to be themed according to their favorite sport. Help them turn their rooms into a cheerleading sanctuary by gifting them some artsy pieces they can hang on the wall or prop in the corner. And if they want to extend their cheerleading haven from their rooms to their cars, this personalized cheer decal would do the job perfectly well. It's the perfect decal for their windshield. Plus, you can customize it with their names too.

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I am an enthusiast and expert in the field of gift-giving, especially when it comes to choosing the perfect gifts for cheerleaders. My expertise stems from years of involvement in cheerleading and a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of cheerleaders.

Understanding the Concepts

The article discusses a comprehensive list of must-have gifts for cheerleaders, catering to their daily routines, travel needs, and general well-being. The concepts covered in the article encompass various categories of gifts, including practical items, fitness gear, and personalized accessories. Here's a breakdown of the concepts used in the article:

  1. Practical Travel Items: The article emphasizes the importance of practical travel items such as cheer travel bags, energy snacks, a 299-piece first aid kit, portable phone chargers, compact mirrors, and disposable cameras. These items cater to the travel needs of cheerleaders, ensuring they are well-prepared and equipped during their journeys and activities.

  2. Fitness and Athletic Gear: The concept of fitness and athletic gear is highlighted through the inclusion of athletic clothing, water bottles, earplugs, seamless athletic/leisure clothes, ankle weights, and sunscreen. These gifts prioritize the fitness and well-being of cheerleaders, providing them with essential items for their physical activities and outdoor routines.

  3. Personal Care and Accessories: The article features a range of personal care and accessory items, including makeup removing wipes, no dent hair ties, face masks, and cheer bows. These items focus on the personal grooming and style preferences of cheerleaders, offering practical solutions for maintaining their appearance and hygiene.

  4. Training and Performance Tools: The article introduces various training and performance tools, such as flexibility stunt stands, cheer balance trainers, kinetic bands, and stretch ropes. These tools are designed to enhance the skills and performance of cheerleaders, supporting their training efforts and overall proficiency in cheerleading routines.

  5. Leisure and Personalization: The concept of leisure and personalization is evident through gifts such as deck of cards, cheer bracelets, glitter cosmetics, personalized decals, and cheer socks. These items cater to the leisure and individualization needs of cheerleaders, providing them with options for relaxation, self-expression, and personal branding.

  6. Organizational and Maintenance Items: The article includes organizational and maintenance items such as duffel bags, cheer cinch bags, on-the-go stain removers, and bug spray. These items focus on organizational efficiency and maintenance, offering solutions for storing, cleaning, and managing the belongings of cheerleaders during their activities.

By covering these diverse concepts, the article presents a comprehensive and thoughtful selection of gifts tailored to the unique lifestyle and requirements of cheerleaders. Each concept addresses specific aspects of a cheerleader's daily life, travel, training, and personal preferences, ensuring that the gifts are well-suited to their needs and interests.

Give Me a 35 Best Gifts for Cheerleaders (2024)
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