Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (2024)

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (1)

Ready to explore the best youth baseball uniforms out there? It’s all about style that makes a statement. We’re focusing on the ‘drippy‘ designs – those uniforms that bring something extra to the game. Our guide highlights top brands known for their awesome custom options, so your team not only plays well but also looks sharp.

Whether you’re outfitting a Little League team for the upcoming season or just passionate about youth baseball fashion, you’ve found the perfect guide. Let’s jump into the world of youth baseball uniforms and discover what makes them stand out.

Table of contents

  • What are the top brands for youth baseball uniforms?
    • 1. Stinger Sports
    • 2. Boombah Custom Uniforms
    • 3. Champro
    • 4. Augusta Sportswear
    • 5. Fans Idea
    • 6. Headbanger Sports
    • 7. Team Sports Planet
  • Criteria for Choosing the Best Uniforms
    • Quality and Durability
  • Customization
    • Design and Colors
    • Personalization
    • Benefits of a Great Uniform
  • Ordering Process
  • Final Thoughts
  • Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top brands for youth baseball uniforms?

Navigating the world of custom youth baseball uniforms can be as exciting as the game itself. Brands like Stinger Sports, Boombah, and Augusta Sportswear are just a few of the all-stars of online baseball uniform customization.

When you’re in the market for new uniforms, remember it’s not just about looking good. Comfort, durability, and sticking to your budget are key plays. After all, you want your ballplayers to feel great and play their best, not just during one game but throughout the season.

1. Stinger Sports

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (2)

A favorite in the baseball moms Facebook groups, Stinger Sports stands out in the world of youth baseball with its impressive range of products. Not only do they offer high quality bats and batting gloves, but they also specialize in providing some of the freshest youth baseball uniforms that are both high-quality and affordable.

Their website showcases various packages for custom uniforms, allowing teams to create a look that’s uniquely theirs. From choosing jersey design to coordinating pants and hats, Stinger Sports makes it easy for teams to design customized uniforms that are as functional as they are stylish, ensuring young athletes look great on the field. They also have fantastic customer service for whatever it’s worth.

2. Boombah Custom Uniforms

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (3)

Boombah offers an extensive range of customization options for youth baseball uniforms, setting them apart with some of the coolest design choices in the market. Their website showcases a variety of styles for jerseys, pants, hats, and socks, all of which can be personalized.

But their customization doesn’t stop at uniforms. teams can also personalize other apparel like hoodies, jackets, and shorts. What makes this company truly stand out is its ability to customize even the smallest details. This includes gradients and patterns, allowing for an unprecedented level of personalization.

Boombah’s commitment to offering a wide array of design options makes them a top choice for teams looking to make a statement with their uniforms. Their products, known for quality and affordability, are a popular choice among youth baseball teams.

3. Champro

Champro is a notable player in the youth baseball market, offering a wide range of products tailored for young athletes. While they are well known for baseball gear, their focus extends to custom baseball apparel and uniforms. Champro offers a variety of jerseys, pants, and outerwear, enabling teams to find the ideal fit and style for their unique needs.

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (4)

Their commitment to quality and customization makes them a go-to choice for youth baseball teams looking to combine performance with a distinctive style.

The website offers a custom uniform builder where you can change colors and styles. It even lets you add your team logo to jerseys. What’s also cool is that they offer a wide variety of customizable baseball pants, ranging from tapered baseball pants, knickers, and even open-bottom pants.

4. Augusta Sportswear

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (5)

Augusta Sportswear is a prominent name in youth baseball, offering a huge range of products specifically designed for young players. They specialize in providing complete custom and wholesale youth baseball uniforms, including hats, jerseys, pants, and various accessories.

With their FreeStyle Sublimation builder, teams can design every aspect of their uniform, ensuring a unique and professional look. Check out this quick design I made using their uniform mock-up tool.

5. Fans Idea

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (6)

Fans Idea offers a creative approach to custom baseball jerseys. From the style of the jersey to pants, hats, and socks, every element can be personalized. But their customization options don’t stop at uniforms. They also have other apparel like hoodies, jackets, and shorts.

What sets Fans Idea apart is its extensive range of design options. Teams can choose from various gradients and patterns, adding an extra layer of customization for a truly unique look. This customization offers teams not only functional but also visually striking uniforms.

Fans Idea’s commitment to offering a ton of design choices makes them a standout choice for teams seeking new uniforms.

6. Headbanger Sports

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (7)

Headbanger Sports offers a unique and creative approach to customizing youth baseball apparel. Their custom artwork service, priced at $65, includes up to three revisions on the initial art mock-up, allowing teams to actively participate in the design process. This service is ideal for teams looking to infuse their uniforms with a personal touch and distinctive style. Headbanger Sports’ custom apparel options extend to jerseys, hats, pants, and other gear, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive team look.

After the art fee is paid and the final design is approved, the order goes into production. The standard turnaround time is around 4-6 weeks plus shipping. Headbanger Sports stands out for its commitment to delivering custom apparel that combines quality, style, and team pride.

7. Team Sports Planet

Team Sports Planet offers a comprehensive solution for youth baseball teams looking to customize their uniforms and gear. Their website showcases a variety of baseball uniform packages that go beyond the standard jersey and pants. These packages often include additional items such as baseball hats, gear bags, batting jackets, and more.

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (8)

The focus at Team Sports Planet is on creating a coordinated look for the entire team at reasonable prices. Their package deals are designed to meet the diverse needs of youth baseball teams, ensuring that teams can get a cool look without breaking the bank. The inclusion of items like gear bags and batting jackets in their packages allows teams to present a unified and professional appearance at all times.

Their commitment to providing discounted team packs with a variety of gear options makes them a popular choice for youth baseball teams.

Criteria for Choosing the Best Uniforms

Quality and Durability

When selecting the best youth baseball uniforms, it is crucial to prioritizequality and durability. A great uniform should be made from the highest quality materials to ensure it can withstand the demands of the sport. Tackle twill, for instance, is a popular choice for high-quality uniforms as it offers a combination of durability and a professional appearance.

One important aspect to consider is the fabric used in the uniform. Choosing a breathable and moisture-wicking material helps keep the players comfortable during games. Apart from being comfortable, the material should also be tear-resistant and able to hold up against regular wear and tear.

Additionally, pay attention to the stitching and finishing of the uniforms. High-quality uniforms feature strong stitching and smooth seams, which contribute to their longevity. Double or reinforced stitching in high-stress areas like the shoulders and knees can further enhance durability.


Design and Colors

One of the key aspects of creating a unique youth baseball uniform is the design and color scheme. Many options are available for customizing baseball uniforms, allowing teams to choosespecific colorsand patterns to match their team’s identity. Jersey designs can range from traditional to modern, with the option to adjust the colors of various elements like the main fabric, trim, piping, and logos.

Some custom baseball jersey providers offer a variety of distinctive fabrics, allowing for an even more personalized and unique look in the final product. One option, for instance, is the180gsm Mock Meshfor lightweight uniforms, or the 200gsm Swiss Pique for a more professional feel.


Not only are custom youth baseball uniforms customizable in terms of design and color scheme, but they can also include personal touches like player numbers and names on the back. This particular element of personalization is generallyincluded in the priceof custom jerseys.

In many cases, custom baseball uniforms can be easily designed and ordered online. For example, the AdidasMiStreak 2.0 Seriesoffers an online design platform. Here, teams can select from various styles and have their uniforms made to order.

Benefits of a Great Uniform

A great uniform goes a long way in defining the spirit and identity of a youth baseball team. Ever heard the saying “look good, play good?” A top-notch baseball team uniform does more than just look good. Take a classic white jersey with black pinstripes or a bold red jersey. These aren’t just uniforms, they’re a badge of honor for little league and travel teams. They bring the team name to life, especially when you add a player name and number on the back. It’s about feeling like real ballplayers.

Ordering Process

When it comes to ordering the best youth baseball uniforms, the process involves a few key steps that ensure a smooth experience. First, place the team order either through an online platform or by contacting a dedicated sales rep, depending on the uniform supplier. This allows for easy communication and a clear understanding of the team’s specific needs and preferences.

After the initial order is placed, the design and customization process begins. This often involves selecting the preferred style, colors, fabrics, and additional features such as sewn-on lettering, embroidery, team name, and player names.

It’s important to note that some suppliers offer a set price for all customization options, making it easier to anticipate costs and simplify decision-making.

Once all necessary details are provided, the uniform company often sends approval pictures or a digital mock-up of the design for the team’s review. This step enables making any necessary adjustments and ensures the team’s satisfaction with their design before starting production.

After the team approves the design, the entire order goes into production. Many uniform suppliers offer a turnaround time of approximately 4 to 6 weeks, though this may vary depending on the time of year and the complexity of the order.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best baseball uniform for your team is more than a good idea. It’s a step towards creating a memorable and great experience for every player. A sharp jersey top paired with classic white pants can make a world of difference in how a team presents itself and plays.

Remember, a team’s uniform is not just about colors and logos. It’s about instilling pride and unity among young players. So, whether you’re going for a traditional look or something more modern, make sure it reflects the spirit of your team. The best baseball uniform is the one that makes your players feel confident and part of something bigger, ready to give their best on the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find customized youth baseball jerseys?

Customized youth baseball jerseys can be found at various online retailers, such asGarb Athletics. They offer a variety of styles, unlimited sewn-on lettering (tackle twill), and unlimited embroidery for neck, sleeve, or chest patches. The price also includes player names on the back of the uniform.

How can I order blank youth baseball jerseys?

Blank youth baseball jerseys can be ordered fromAffordable Uniforms Online, which has a wide selection of baseball jerseys available.

What is the typical price range of custom youth baseball team uniforms?

The typical price range of custom youth baseball uniforms varies depending on the manufacturer, quality, and type of customization. For example,Wezen-Ballprovides a size chart for Nike Authentic Jerseys, which are close to the actual Nike MLB athlete jerseys but can be more expensive. It’s important to research and compare prices among various sellers to find the best deal for your specific needs.

Where can I buy youth baseball uniforms in bulk?

Purchasing youth baseball uniforms in bulk can be done through multiple online sports retailers such asUniforms Express. They offer competitive prices and discounts for bulk orders, making it more cost-effective for larger teams or entire leagues to get their uniforms at once.

Are there specific uniform options for t-ball players?

Yes, there are uniform options specifically designed for a t-ball team. Some retailers offer distinct categories for youth baseball players. These uniforms typically offer similar features and customization options but may have differences in sizing and materials to accommodate the specific needs of younger players.

Best Youth Baseball Uniforms: Custom Jerseys To Apparel (2024)


What is the best material for baseball uniforms? ›

Heavy Polyester

Primarily used for baseball jerseys.

How much does it cost to make a baseball jersey? ›

Basic jerseys: Basic jerseys made from affordable materials such as polyester can cost between $20 and $50 per jersey.

What company makes MLB uniforms? ›

Designed by Nike, but anger at Fanatics. Nike said in a press release that it worked with more than 300 players to design a jersey that was more breathable, lightweight and stretchy. Players also wore them during last season's All-Star game, and Nike and MLB said they were well received.

Can Little League jerseys have names? ›

Note 4: The player's name (first or last) must NOT appear on the uniform. Note 5: Helmets must NOT include any words, letters, logos, etc., unless applied or approved by the manufacturer. EQUIPMENT DEPICTED MUST MEET LITTLE LEAGUE MINIMUM STANDARDS FOR THE DIVISION.

What is the best fabric for sports jerseys? ›

Another of the top reasons why polyester is a popular choice for top sportswear manufacturers is due to the high strength and durability it displays.

What is the difference between pro smooth and micro mesh jersey? ›

Both are 100% polyester. Our MICROMESH style has a traditional jersey feel, with tiny "little holes" if you look closely. PRO SMOOTH has more of a t-shirt style smoothness to it, similar to a dri fit material, and is our recommended choice.

How much does it cost to customise a jersey? ›

Customise Football Jersey at Rs 450/piece | Sports T Shirt and Jersey in Mumbai | ID: 19243122691.

Are replica baseball jerseys worth it? ›

Replica: As suggested by the name, replica baseball jerseys are an exact reproduction of jerseys worn by MLB players on the field. Although replica jerseys are still fully licensed by the MLB, they are much cheaper than authentic jerseys and of slightly less quality.

What makes a baseball jersey authentic? ›

Authentic MLB Jerseys

Official MLB lettering, sleeve patches, team-specific patches and locker tags are all embroidered on the jersey. Authentic jerseys also have an MLB Batterman logo sewn onto the top center of the jersey back just below the neckline.

What happened to Majestic Apparel? ›

Jacksonville-based Fanatics Inc. has completed its acquisition of VF Corp.'s Licensed Sports Group that includes Majestic apparel brand. The intent of the acquisition was announced in early April and the deal was finalized Monday, a prepared statement from Fanatics officials said.

Are MLB jerseys bad in 2024? ›

Major League Baseball is having another jersey problem in 2024. Complaints have piled on regarding the Nike-designed gray uniforms worn by teams when playing on the road. Fans are taking umbrage that the materials aren't wicking away sweat.

Where are authentic MLB jerseys made? ›

But (a) Fanatics has been manufacturing Nike's MLB game uniforms for four years now, because Fanatics owns the old Majestic factory in Pennsylvania, so there's nothing new about that arrangement, and (b) they're manufacturing the uniforms according to Nike's design specs.

Can kids wear eye black in Little League? ›

That is because the world's largest youth sports organization has a rule that for televised tournament games the black must be limited to a thin strip under the eye. “We want a good consistent look,” explained Dan Velte, senior operations executive for Little League.

Can youth catchers wear skull caps? ›

Catchers must wear catcher's helmet, face mask, and throat guard in warming up pitchers. This applies between innings and in bullpen practice. Skull caps are not permitted. Batting/catcher's helmets should not be painted unless approved by the manufacturer.

Can a pitcher wear sunglasses in Little League? ›

Players may request “Time,” but it is the decision of the umpire to grant that request. Only umpires can call time out. Can pitchers wear sunglasses while pitching? Yes, there are no rules against a pitcher wearing sunglasses.

What material are professional baseball uniforms made of? ›

MLB and Nike claim that the uniforms are made from at least 90% recycled polyester yarns, have Nike's proprietary moisture-wicking Dri-Fit technology, and are designed to provide 25% more stretch. Performance fabrics wick moisture using two methods, Hinestroza says.

What material is used for MLB uniforms? ›

MLB jerseys worn on the field have been made out of double-knit polyester since the early 1970s.

Why do baseball players wear polyester instead of cotton? ›

Polyester's lightweight and moisture-wicking properties make it a popular choice for activewear, but the fabric may cause you to sweat more. Polyester is also wrinkle-resistant, making it a practical choice for everyday wear to sports uniforms.

What kind of fabric is used for baseball pants? ›

Polyester: Polyester is a synthetic material that is commonly used in baseball pants because of its durability and moisture-wicking properties. This helps to keep the player cool and dry during the game.

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